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emblem youth vectorDownload Youth Organization Logo Vector coreldraw - youth activities in the village was not so important role for society. Youth youth in the village do not always have to actively participate in various activities. All activities involving youth village youths based on their own volition and not a mandatory task of village government. Youth activities of boys and girls in the village are usually only active when Independence Day alone.

To enliven the day of independence of the republic of Indonesia, usually young men and women villagers will together hold various competitions. The race can be various kinds of competitions for small children to a special race for adults sort of chess competitions, memangcing, and others. The purpose of holding these competitions is to enliven the atmosphere of the commemoration of the independence of Indonesia, at the same time that this nation is always the services of services of the heroes who fought for the independence of this beloved archipelago.

For you who need a logo or emblem of youth in the form of ready to edit vector, please just click the link below to download it. File I put in google drive and is packaged in a zip. If it has been downloaded simply extract the zip format with password Files in use coreldraw therein x6 version, so you should use a version corel x6 above to be able to open it.

Thus this post on labels vector images. May be useful for you, download congratulations and thank you for visiting.

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